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Lucky the Cow

On a cute little ranch just outside of Yellowstone National Park live a herd of cows that rancher Greg has been taking care of for many years. You see, there are tales from long ago that one day a special cow would be born and bear a rare, black mark on his back shaped in the letter “L.” This cow would become a heroic leader, stronger and braver than any other animal.

One spring day this baby cow is actually born and his mother names him Lucky. He faces a host of challenges in his early life that would lead him to new friendships and the adventure of a lifetime. Lucky summons the strength of a thousand cows and promises to make his mother proud.

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There’s a Witch in My Dryer

Whimsical and heartwarming, There’s a Witch in My Dryer shares a fun, magical story that answers the questions about what actually happens to those socks in the dryer.

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